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True story: At the 2007 Slam Dunk Contest in #Vegas, Gerald Green originally wanted to jump over a craps table but the NBA wouldn’t let him. #NBAAllStar #DunkContest

The through the legs dunk from 17 years ago: J.R. Rider - The Eastbay Funk Dunk (1994) via @YouTube #DunkContest #NBAAllStar

Ali LaForce tearing down the fourth wall: “Good thing for all that fake crowd noise!” #MtnDew3PT #NBAALLSTAR

2 extra 3-point shots and a 4 extra money balls inflates the scoring here. Larry Bird dropped a 23-point round without all the extra gimmicks.

Long overdue for the NBA to retire the #SkillsChallenge - the players barely go through the motions and it’s painfully obvious. #NBAAllStar

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