TikTok Ban – Good for America?

So the #TikTok “ban” – if we truly think TikTok is a “hidden in plain sight” psy op/culture war tool from a foreign adversary, and there’s a ton of evidence to suggest that it is, then it makes sense that this bill has bipartisan support. After all, the platform literally choses who to make famous and moderation/curation has been heavily influenced with more than just “algorithms.”

While there’s First Amendment and slippery slope concerns here, not to mention granting sweeping powers to ban a social media platform, I do think forcing an American buy out probably makes sense. My question is, how much of this is tied to the 2024 election? 

If you believe that ~$100k of “Russian #Facebook Ads” influenced the 2016 election (~10m people at a $10 CPM), you should be just as concerned about the power of a Chinese-owned company to influence the outcome in 2024 when there’s 170 million+ Americans on TikTok.

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