SES Chicago Conference – Celtics & Social Media Interview

Here’s a quick interview I did after a sports and social media panel at SES Chicago conference last week, touching on how the Boston Celtics use social media platforms to connect with fans around the world, and why collecting data is so important for brands on Facebook.

Bill Russell Interview

It’s always neat to get to talk to an NBA legend. It’s one of the perks of working for the 17-Time World Champions! In this interview, I talked to 11-time NBA Champion Bill Russell about having a statue in his honor in the city of Boston, and why mentoring is so important to him.

Why a Google+ Brand Page Could Be More Important Than Your Facebook Page

If you think Google+ will never be able to compete with Facebook in social networking, guess what? You’re right. Google is more interested in owning the search engine results market. And that’s what Google+ brand pages are really all about. In fact, for brands that sell their products directly, I’d bet Google+ brand pages could…

Q&A on Sports and Social Media

The following Q&A was conducted by Paul M. Banks (@Paul_M_BanksTSB) for and was published on October 26, 2011. Congrats on keeping the Celtics site within the top 5 most trafficked (among NBA sites), what’s the key to that success? Stringer: When I first joined the Celtics in 2005, our team was not a championship…

What Is the Value of a Facebook Fan?

I’ve done a bunch of social media panels, and a favorite query at these events goes something like this: “How much is a Facebook fan worth?” Depending on which study you read, you’ll see estimates ranging from a few dollars each to $120 dollars a head. And I always tell people, if the answer is…