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I provide customized consulting and services for digital marketing, social media and content strategy. Past clients include Global Athletics & Marketing, Hilton Hotels, Golin, Schneider Electric, and more.

I recently served as Vice President of Social Media for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previous to UFC, for 12 years, I guided the Boston Celtics to become one of the biggest professional sports brands in digital and social media, with over nine million Facebook fans and over three million followers on both Twitter and Instagram.

In my time at the Celtics, I conceptualized and developed some best-of-breed and first-of-their-kind digital projects and led an Emmy-winning content team. For 2013-14, I launched “Home Court Advantage”, the first live streaming mobile app pregame show in the NBA. In seasons prior, from Celtics 3-Point Play, the NBA’s first Facebook application geared at gleaning valuable fan data, to Celtics GameTime Live, the league’s first live stats and game-blogging application, I’ve pushed the team to innovate ahead of the curve, while establishing several best practices for the sports and entertainment industry.

I’ve spoken about at digital marketing and social media conferences around the country and across the globe. I’ve been working in social media since its inception in the mid-2000s with professional athletes and world-famous sports brands, and I would love to bring this expertise to bear for your company.

My background is in content first and foremost, and I understand what works for small and large accounts alike. I’ve developed performance plans and reporting for athletes, helping them unlock their full potential on social media. These same analytics, tactics and strategies can be applied to brands and influencers alike across every industry.

Let’s talk. I’d love to learn more about how I can help you.

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  1. Hi, Peter

    I read your story about Pinterest and was wondering if you’d like to post something about your findings on VatorNews. VatorNews is a news site on technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

    It’s easy to post and become a contributor. Just let me know. I think my audience would find your experience interesting.


  2. Dear Mr Peter STringer
    I read your article about Google+, I appreciate that. I have about 12 ebooks in pdf form. I wanted them to be promoted, Pl can you suggest which is othe organisation/media I can do it, hope to hear from you
    I am in linkedin, face book
    with regards
    Dr Augustine Joseph
    Bangalore, India

  3. Rhett Clemmons says:

    Hi, Mr. Stringer

    This is Rhett Clemmons and I am a college student who is studying sports marketing and we have to conduct an interview with people in the field of work we want and i’m a big fan of the UFC so I thought i would give a try with you. All it would be is I would email you the questions and you would have to respond with the answers. It’s cool if not but I thought i’d give it a try.
    My email is

    Thank you

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