Top 13 Things I Learned at the 1st-Ever Boston Sports & Social Marketing Tweet Up

I’ve never organized a networking event before (unless you count a crazy 40-ounce party in my Fenway apartment in my early 20s ) and hence, there was much to learn about throwing a successful Tweet Up.

I’m feeling generous, so I’d like to share the Top 13 Things I Learned Tonight about Event Planning at tonight’s debut Boston Sports & Social Marketing Tweet Up.

In no particular order:

  1. Retain the services of @marketCait to produce and promote your event. She knows all the social media movers and shakers and tweet-up junkies in Boston. She makes mean nametags, wears the same sweater to every tweet up, and is infinitely more photogenic than I could ever be (except when you draw a green magic marker moustache on her; that evens the playing field).
  2. Your right shoulder is the preferred location for wearing said nametag.
  3. Offer complimentary Magners Irish Cider for the first hour of your event. It’s a crowd pleaser and makes networking go much smoother.
  4. Don’t pose for “alt-rock album cover photos” after five Magners Irish Ciders, the pics will never come out the way you saw them in your mind’s eye.
  5. If you had any designs on scheduling a snow/ice storm for the same day, cancel said weather. It will cut into attendance.
  6. @Amanda_ZW‘s birthday lasts for five days and everyone’s invited.
  7. Create a hashtag that hasn’t already been commandeered by Japanese tweeters; #bssm apparently means something different on the other side of the globe.
  8. Speaking of hashtags, apparently you can be a trending topic in Boston for about 7 minutes (#bssm) on a Tuesday night if you try hard enough.
  9. Always plan tweet ups as close to your apartment as possible.
  10. Not including a speaking program, or addressing the crowd in any manner, is a great decision.
  11. It’s OK to pause if you think you know someone when they walk in the door. When you realize you don’t, you’re right. It’s just that you know them because you recognize their Twitter avatar. At that point, you’re a dork, but it’s safe to say hello and meet them in real life too.
  12. Expect your event to be documented, guerilla style, by @BostonTweetUp.
  13. Sober up before you write your Tweet Up recap blog entry.

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  1. Brian MacFarland says:

    So you moved from 40-ounces to Magners? I suppose if you are going to give up the 40s Magner’s is a good choice.

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