Infographics for #IAMACELTIC and #CELTICSCHAT

I stumbled upon a cool site called visually that helps non-designers make Mashable-style infographics about their own Twitter data. It’s a pretty neat concept, and easy to execute.

To test it out, I quickly generated a month’s worth of data about the Celtics two primary promoted hashtags, “#iamaceltic” and “#celticschat“. #iamaceltic is used mostly in a marketing capacity, and we’ve put it everywhere from TV commercials to T-shits. #celticschat, on the other hand, is a utility hashtag, used to track the conversation around our games when the team is playing, and then captured on’s GameTime Live game tracking application. We’ve promoted the #celticschat tag in-game during broadcasts on Comcast SportsNet New England this season.

I’m not quite clear on how accurate this data is, or if it is generated with Firehouse access to Twitter, but regardless, here’s what it generated for our two tags. And as you can see below, there’s some missing data, so it’s unclear how stable the platform is on the whole. Still, it’s a pretty interesting tool.





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