Embed images, not Instagram links, for more Twitter engagement

You’ve probably heard that tweets that include images generate better-than-average engagement, and it seems to be a logical assessment. After all, social media is truly a visual medium. Instagram is a wildly popular social network, and its original “Twitter for images” reputation helped users understand the medium, spurring the rapid growth that eventually led to…

Ten Easy Digital/Social Predictions for 2013

I’ll spare you a plodding introduction. Prediction lists are quick and easy. Here’s 10 of them for 2013. Google+ Rises – Google, the company that made its fortune in search, will figure out that G+ isn’t a social network, it’s a content directory. Google+’s best chance at success lies in its bread and butter –…

Infographics for #IAMACELTIC and #CELTICSCHAT

I stumbled upon a cool site called visually that helps non-designers make Mashable-style infographics about their own Twitter data. It’s a pretty neat concept, and easy to execute. To test it out, I quickly generated a month’s worth of data about the Celtics two primary promoted hashtags, “#iamaceltic” and “#celticschat“. #iamaceltic is used mostly in…

Finding Some Value in Klout

One of the craziest arguments I’ve ever had about social media was a conversation in which someone tried to convince me that someday, my Klout score would be more important than my credit rating. The day a Klout score prevents me from getting approved for a mortgage or car loan, I’ll be inclined to agree….

SES Chicago Conference – Celtics & Social Media Interview

Here’s a quick interview I did after a sports and social media panel at SES Chicago conference last week, touching on how the Boston Celtics use social media platforms to connect with fans around the world, and why collecting data is so important for brands on Facebook.