How the Celtics Glean Data and Social Media ROI from Facebook

I contributed my first guest opinion piece to the Sports Business Journal this week, explaining how the Boston Celtics are getting data and ROI out of Facebook with 3-Point Play, our basketball prediction game. Celtics 3-Point Play was a first-of-its-kind NBA team Facebook application when it launched in 2009. It’s helped the Celtics collect data…

Mashable Covers Celtics on Pinterest

Mashable just did a write-up on Friday about the Celtics leading the pack of sports teams who’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. The also talked to the New York Giants, fresh off their Super Bowl win, and Dan Harbison from the Portland Trail Blazers. Much like we try to be at the Celtics, Harbison and…

SES Chicago Conference – Celtics & Social Media Interview

Here’s a quick interview I did after a sports and social media panel at SES Chicago conference last week, touching on how the Boston Celtics use social media platforms to connect with fans around the world, and why collecting data is so important for brands on Facebook.

Bill Russell Interview

It’s always neat to get to talk to an NBA legend. It’s one of the perks of working for the 17-Time World Champions! In this interview, I talked to 11-time NBA Champion Bill Russell about having a statue in his honor in the city of Boston, and why mentoring is so important to him.