Boston Sports and Social Marketing Tweet Up: January 18, 2011

It’s 2011. The world is changing. Industries are colliding. Social media is taking the sports marketing world by storm. Apps, tweets and digital media is changing everyone’s lives, forcing people to engage with their mobile devices and ignore their immediate surroundings, not to mention their families and pets. Everything’s bigger…yet smaller. Klout scores are up,…

A few things I’ve learned about Twitter

It’s a strange phenomenon; maybe it’s a touch of digital voyeurism, but I find myself much more interested in the tweets of people I’ve never actually met, especially when I have something in common with them.

SportsNetworker Interview

Last week I did a quick email interview with about all things Celtics Social Media. Lewis Howes, who runs the site, seemingly spends every waking hour thinking about sports, social media, and networking. And maybe not in that order.